Solidrun Clearfog CN913x on vanilla kernel 6.1

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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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January 4, 2023


Herman BRULE


To replace my iot gate imx7 from compulab, I search solution. Why replace it? Because the vanilla kernel have read only on microSD (I had to pass to internal NAND the OS to have read/write), and only 1 of 2 ethernet port work (then can’t be used as router), the constructor linux kernel don’t have some config like IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER and is very very old now. It’s great hardware, both port is 1000Mbps (the compulab next gen have only one port at 1Gbps, mean not suitable for 1G router), low power and low heating, industrial temp and large voltage range (but the cpu is some time too slow to manage 1Gbps routing).

I have some network with very low bandwidth, like personal network, the lower computational power with multiple ethernet port is better, like this it’s cheaper and use less space. I have buy Solidrun Clearfog CN913x (base and pro) to this task, basically you have just to copy the dts from constructor kernel to vanilla kernel, here 6.1, do the correct /boot.scr and fill correctly the /boot/ and work. I have put debian 11 as base OS. I have to limit to 1 CPU via nosmp linux kernel argument to prevent:

thermal thermal_zone0: ap-thermal-ic: critical temperature reached, shutting down

reboot: HARDWARE PROTECTION shutdown (Temperature too high)

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