Hi my new friend!
Hi my new friend!

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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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    Santa cruz
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My story

Learning from kids developing, I was always be curious, technologies enthusiast.
Searching how break, change, understand, bypass any kind of logic, science and technique.
I study industry and electronic.

I work years into E-commerce as system administrator, in parallel doing my own projects open source (some of project is used by state, millions of daily use, etc...).
Always breaking record, best code, best in competing, best in performance.

After years I start my own business, my own data-center, my own ISP, doing from electronic part, electricity part, building, office design, etc...
Teaching technologies and technique into university, doing research and development, thinking out of the box to create solution some specific solution.

My Services
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Research and development

Development best technology, better manufacture process

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Product Design

Design product, manufacture process, price, target market

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Company work

Work into company as CTO, team leader or project leader

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Communicate into your company to create work force, communicate to the public what you do

Latest Publications
Solidrun Clearfog CN913x on vanilla kernel 6.1
Hardware, Network
Solidrun Clearfog CN913x on vanilla kernel 6.1

Hi, To replace my iot gate imx7 from compulab, I search solution. Why replace it? Because the vanilla kernel have…

  • January 4, 2023
  • Herman BRULE
ISP, Network

Hi, I open a new project, https://openxpon.confiabits.com/ as usual, I will support during years. Basically it’s open source a ONU/modem…

  • October 24, 2022
  • Herman BRULE
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