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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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August 27, 2023


Herman BRULE

Hi, now AS272840 (know as dan solution in Bolivia) use my technologies.

As you can see, the bandwidth and latency are very better.

I do the router (Linux + CLI), the ONUs (basic or bridge + router wifi 6), I do my own TVBox, my own software service where is needed (and to not paid expensive a very specific software), my own system to manage the customer, have metrics, alerts. I keep the system simple to have low maintenance, low price. The installer don’t need call the office to enable an ONU, the customer can enable online or by call the service and just configure them self into their house.

For the future, we are make growing the internal conten, and maybe change to 10Gpon o 10G EPON

I think the customer is happy, but I can improve this company even more.

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