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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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    Santa cruz
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February 26, 2023


Herman BRULE

I see an opportunity into RISC-V (or other open source community driven ISA), more in the current world context. Have ISA not depending from one part of the world, have some thing generic as base it’s what do popular HTML, HTTP, … and lot of stuff into the web.


The lack today is more optimized implementation, high performance hardware like server with RAM SLOT.

Today I work with RISC-V to mount a small compilation farm, and test my cluster (catchchallenger), the result is more than 100x speedup to load the data pack when I enable the cache (binary cache VS XML data)! Start an instance of the cluster is near than instant!

I think RISC-V will replace MIPS as very very low end CPU for GPON modem like you can found in most entry level in Bolivia (in particular RTL9603C and RTL9607C).

Extra to compare CatchChallenger on MIPS:

CatchChallenger loading time on MIPS (32Bits, big endian, debian 10, malta)
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