Space ship style
Space ship style

Workshop for Confiared

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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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    Santa cruz
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Workshop for Confiared

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    Santa cruz, Bolivia

We don't just use existing technologies. Us custom needs (customs needs, different target, different limitation, ...), then we need research and development, is the process by which a company works to obtain new knowledge that it might use to create new technology, products, services, or systems that it will either use or sell.

In this workshop we need good electric part, with all security, few and lot of power, stabilized power supply. Arduino to control electric pannel, individual circuit.

Microscope (numeric + 22" screen), extractor hood for chemistry, lot need to do lithography (include laser to do direct lithography), and to check it.

All to test server from serial port to connectivity part like Ethernet, SPF, SFP+.

Lot of storage capacity to store tools, products, inputs... the storage destined to machine is with Ethernet port to control via internet, individual protection, internal lights

All commodities, wifi, basic to eat, listen music working, air conditioner, air extracting, urgency kit

And the style is space ship, lot of geek details, lights presets (white mode, red mode) with gradual power up.

10 +
Done by days
Year to construct
15 +
Standard used
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