Electric part + solar

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Herman Brule
Herman Brule
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    Santa cruz
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Electric part + solar

Datacenter, Hardware
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    Confiared S.R.L.
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My job is simple and sophisticated, so it is possible to describe and simple.

The power need always to be up, from one line or other line. Need to be a good quality. Able to dynamically select input source

All the power measurement need to be stored, we use zabbix to keep the value during 1 year. All connected via fiber to prevent data loss in cable of electric noise

electric room

The solar part is to use only green electricity, that's force to implement datacenter power limit in emergency case where any power is detected as input. The battery is used too as UPS, and power emergency

All have the security and shut down if not normal value is detected. Stop button, light to see physically the status of input, screen to see battery level, output voltage level

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